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The Karkonosze medicinal herbs

By tradition, medicinal plants were divided long time ago into “solar” and “lunar”. From these two celestial objects they were to obtain their healing properties. As far as the Karkonosze are concerned, the most accurate “solar” flowers harvesting time would have been the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, falling within the plants flowering period. On the other hand, the “lunar” herbs were harvested during bright, full-moon nights. The herbs gathered during the shortest night of the year – St. John’s Eve were believed to possess special and magical power. Only then one might have collected the Karkonosze herbs growing on the White Meadow, in the legendary “Mountain Ghost Garden”. A horrible vengeance might have happened for breaking the rule. Collected and dried herbs were blessed on August 15, commonly called the Assumption, in order to enhance their medicinal efficiency. Great significance to the herb harvesting had even the period of the day, when the harvesting occurred. The herbs were usually collected at bright, rainless days. The plants used for oil production were harvested just after morning dew drying-up. The plants’ stems were unearthed in the early spring or late autumn, when the amassed components inside of them had the highest medicinal value.