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KNP Information Centre

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The KNP Information Centre is located in one of the few remaining houses in the region with typical architecture of Karkonosze. Within the frames of the project "Development of tourism infrastructure and KPN KRNAP" co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation Czech Republic-Republic of Poland 2007 -2013 the building has been fully renovated to maintain its original architecture. One of the functions of the building is to preserve and make available to tourists a monument of the traditional regional architecture. In the center are welcome to visit the geological and geomorphological exhibition, The Garden of Karkonosze Herbs and Shrubs and the Laborant’s House.

Visiting the exhibition you can learn about a very interesting geological structure and unique land forms, which can be admired in the eastern Karkonosze. Setting off on a walk through the Garden of Karkonosze Herbs and Shrubs and visiting Laborant’s House you will learn the fascinating history of the Karkonosze laborants and see live more than 100 species of our medicinal plants.



KNP Information Centre