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3D tactile model

The eastern Karkonosze tactile model has been made on the basis of the digital model of the mountains’ terrain. It illustrates the landforms details in a very thorough way. These are for instance: river and postglacial valleys, cirque holes, moraines, flat-topped mountain areas, granite crags, etc. Ten chosen landforms are supplied on the model with appropriate switches. Having pressed them, an animation showing their generation appears on the screen, which is located over the model. One can find out in what way the peat bog in the Łomnica Valley, the Big Pond’s Cirque with a postglacial lake, the Small Pond’s Cirque talus fan, the Łomniczka river valley, the monadnocks of the Pilgrims, the flat-topped mountain of the Równia near Śnieżka, the patterned grounds, the moraines, the mud and debris flows in the Łomniczka Cirque and the White Ravine’s nival niche were formed. The model is adapted to the disabled’s needs – is tactile, the altitudinal zones, tourist trails and borders are marked by specific factures, the animations might be initiated also by means of the above-mentioned switches located on the base of the model, and the commentaries are read by a lector.

Talus Fan The Small Pond Cirque

Flat-Topped Mountain Planation


Mud-and-debris flows - the Łomniczka Cirque


Nival Niche -the White Ravine


Patterned Grounds Black Ridge and Śnieżka's Slopes


Cirque Holes with Postglacial Lakes


The Łomniczka River Valley


A Moraine in the Small Pond


Crags-the Pilgrims


A Peat Bog in the Łomnica Valley