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About the project

Name of the project: „KRNAP and KPN tourist infrastructure development”

Priority axis II: The improvement of enterprise and tourism development conditions
The field of support 2.2: Tourism development support
The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s resources as part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program: The Czech Republic-Poland 2007-2013.

Main Partner: Správa Krkonošského národního parku (KRNAP) – The Czech Republic
Project Partner: The Karkonosze National Park (KNP) – Poland

Description of the project:
Tourist availability is one of the main tasks being realized by the Karkonosze National Park (KNP) and Spravy Krkonošskeho narodního parku (KRNAP). Both national parks have been cooperating in this field for years. The whole Karkonosze massif on both sides of the border possesses enormous tourist and holiday virtues. KRNAP is annually visited by over 10 millions of tourists, whereas the KNP – 2 millions. As a result of activities associated with this project, the tourist infrastructure, as well as the tourist offer, of both parks have been expanded. What is more, the access to tourist information in the KNP has been considerably improved.

Aims of the project:
The main aim of the project is the expansion of the Karkonosze tourist offer and at the same time the support of the economy, which is essential to the borderland, contributing to the elimination of negative factors arising from the area’s isolation from the rest of the country and enhancing the borderland’s competitiveness.

The detailed purpose of the project is the improvement and development of the tourist offer directed at the natural advantages of the national parks as part of their Executive Office partnership. Better access to the information regarding the tourist offer of the borderland in various languages is no less important.

The Polish partner – The KNP:
As part of the project, the Information Centre of the Karkonosze National Park has been built on the Polish side. The facility is located in the building belonging to the Karkonosze National Park, in Karpacz, 9 Leśna Street. It is one of the few houses in the vicinity of a typical Karkonosze architecture – single-storey with basement and attic, with a formerly farm part made of granite and a formerly living quarter made of wood. The building has been thoroughly renovated, but simultaneously its architecture has been maintained. One of its functions is to enable tourists to peer at the traditional, local dwelling structure.

On the Centre’s ground floor there is an Information Room, showing tourist values of the Karkonosze – their landscapes, geology, geomorphology and history of gem and gold prospecting. Next to the Information Room, a Workshop is located. The visitors may analyze the Karkonosze herbs with binoculars there and try to form medicinal mixtures of the previously picked ones by themselves. The offices of workers who are employed by the Centre and the cooperating ranger service workers, as well as staff rooms, are located on the first floor. Outside the building a weather station is located. Weather information can be seen inside the building, on the reception’s panel, and on the project’s website.

In a detached building standing next to the main one, called the Laborant’s House, an exposition associated with the laborants has been made. They were the famous guild of herbalists-chemists producing medicines from the Karkonosze herbs, operating in Karpacz and its neighbourhood. The Karkonosze herb and bush garden has been formed in the facility’s vicinity. The tourists may familiarize themselves with around 100 herbaceous plants and medicinal bush, once used by the laborants.

As other part of the project, two marked trails have been mapped out: a geotourist trail in the eastern Karkonosze and a tourist afoot and bicycle trail “Dolina Wilczego Potoku” (Wolf’s Creek Valley”). Both of them start next to the Centre. Free tourist guides have been created and are now available in the Information Centre building and other information and educational points of the KNP. The subject of the exposition and both paths is associated with the development of the tourist infrastructure on the Czech side of the border by the Czech partner (Krkonošský narodní park). Tourist information leaflets have been issued to the project’s needs as well.

The Czech partner – KRNAP
Renovation of the monastic garden will significantly contribute to the Karkonosze tourist development. The investment part of the project takes place in Vrchlabi, the so-called Karkonosze Gate.

1. Sensual path with a garden house – a simulation of various mountain trails’ grounds accompanied by rest zones.
2. Geological exposition – information panels about the Karkonosze rocks with examples of original rocks.
3. A garden with a typical Karkonosze plant.
4. An orchard with local varieties of former fruit trees.
5. Historic zone fragments’ reconstruction – a monastic wall. 


Total budget of the project: 1 820 000 EUR
The Karkonosze National Park: 4 386 000 PLN (1 020 000 EUR)
Správa Krkonošského národního parku: 800 000 EUR